Next FAF?

February 3, 2009

We’re just in the planning stages of Free Art Friday 2010  (provisionally 22nd Jan 2010) More details very soon.


Thank you everyone!

January 24, 2009

Thanks to the makers, finders, bloggers, snappers that made Dublin’s first large scale FAF a success!

Are there any piece still out there? Yes, there is. There are a limited number of paintings and prints in Dublin still in place, but they are in quiet lanes and places you may not expect.

We will have a nationwide 32 county Free Art Friday later in the year. Meanwhile have a look at out gallery here on flickr.

And check out this awesome photographer Steve Ryan that photographed oranges on different surfaces, made those photos into prints and put the prints make into the same spot. See his galley entitled ‘Vitamin C’ here

Here’s steve hanging the work at 6am on Free Art Friday

Today is Free Art Friday!

January 23, 2009

And the people of Dublin are snapping them up! I was out this morning at 7am and placed about 40-50 pieces. Of course because of RTE news last night, lots of people are aware and some pieces last minutes in their location, others pieces are in smaller lane and streets.

Next wave of art was at noon and it’s was completely crazy! Everyone knew about FAF, so no matter how subtle I was about placing the work, it was spotted in minutes/seconds in many cases. An Irish Times photographer came along and we couldn’t get a street shot of a painting without two or three people pouncing on it.

Keep your eyes peeled for more this evening

Meanwhile we were on the evening News last night! Watch the piece here (click on Free Art Friday)

2 days to go…

January 21, 2009


Okay, we’re two days away from FAF and the critical question is… What’s the weather gonna be like? Well, according to Met Eireann Friday 23rd, we can expect a cold day with sunny spells, (some showers). Of course we’ve planned this stuff in advance so if it’s lashing rain you can expect to find FAF art in sheltered areas such as, a bus seat, door way or phone box. Basically, anywhere public. If the weather is good then, you’ll find them on; park benches, window ledges, railings and you can even expect to find one piece in a sitting on a cinema seat just waiting to be found.

Now on to the art it’s self. Wow! We got screen prints, sculptures, drawings, oil paintings, kids painting, graffiti, Tags, films on CD, embroidered cushions, photographs and illustrations. I’ve been blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm.

I can tell you that there will be(fingers crossed) a news item on RTE about FAF on Thursday and I’m talking on the Arts Show on RTE Radio 1 same night.

Expect to see the work here and on our FAF flickr page late Friday evening.

Art is flooding in…

January 13, 2009

Just a little update to say that after all our blogging and emailing everyone, the art is coming in thick and fast. We are receiving everything from; pencil drawings to paintings, stencils to sculptures, photographic prints to screen prints. Last night I went along to Make & Do-do at Pantibar in Dublin where hostess Panti asked the crafty guys and girls to create miniature canvases for FAF. So a huge thank you to the artists that have already contributed. Your work will be photographed in situ on Free Art Friday and posted onto our flickr page here

Calling all artists

December 13, 2008


January is a depressing month, even more so when it’s at the beginning of a recession. This city and it’s people need something to smile about again and we need you to help make it happen.

Free Art Friday is a relatively new art movement that’s rapidly gaining in popularity around the World. Artists create a painting, sketch, sculpture or installation and leave it on the street. The piece can then be picked up by anyone and claim it as their own. Finders are encouraged to email the artist and tell them how and where they found it. We’re asking all painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptures, graffiti artists, taggers, cartoonists or any visual artist to contribute a small piece of work that will be hung/placed/or left on the streets of Dublin on Friday 23rd January for anyone to take away.

Closing date for submissions is Monday 19th January 2009 see our ‘Get Involved’ page for all the deatils