2 days to go…


Okay, we’re two days away from FAF and the critical question is… What’s the weather gonna be like? Well, according to Met Eireann Friday 23rd, we can expect a cold day with sunny spells, (some showers). Of course we’ve planned this stuff in advance so if it’s lashing rain you can expect to find FAF art in sheltered areas such as, a bus seat, door way or phone box. Basically, anywhere public. If the weather is good then, you’ll find them on; park benches, window ledges, railings and you can even expect to find one piece in a sitting on a cinema seat just waiting to be found.

Now on to the art it’s self. Wow! We got screen prints, sculptures, drawings, oil paintings, kids painting, graffiti, Tags, films on CD, embroidered cushions, photographs and illustrations. I’ve been blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm.

I can tell you that there will be(fingers crossed) a news item on RTE about FAF on Thursday and I’m talking on the Arts Show on RTE Radio 1 same night.

Expect to see the work here and on our FAF flickr page late Friday evening.


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