Today is Free Art Friday!

And the people of Dublin are snapping them up! I was out this morning at 7am and placed about 40-50 pieces. Of course because of RTE news last night, lots of people are aware and some pieces last minutes in their location, others pieces are in smaller lane and streets.

Next wave of art was at noon and it’s was completely crazy! Everyone knew about FAF, so no matter how subtle I was about placing the work, it was spotted in minutes/seconds in many cases. An Irish Times photographer came along and we couldn’t get a street shot of a painting without two or three people pouncing on it.

Keep your eyes peeled for more this evening

Meanwhile we were on the evening News last night! Watch the piece here (click on Free Art Friday)


14 Responses to Today is Free Art Friday!

  1. Sanja says:

    Ahhh… was in the city at 7AM looking for stuff and didn’t find anything ;( All over the place like 😦

    Shame I don’t work in the city centre, might pull a sickie… 😀

  2. positivenote says:

    okay, so i was in the city this mornibg at about 6.30 till about 9ish and nothing anywhere. I walked all about inner city grafton st, georges st, nassau st, dame st, temple bar, the keys, o’connel st, henry st, etc etc… bit freaked that i didnt even see one piece. Although, i did leave two b/w prints for potential collectors one on molly malone and one at the central bank at abot 7am, by the time i strolled back around 8ish they were both gone, so hopefully someone gave the a good home.
    Gonna head back into town around 12 for an hour or so and have a look about again… fingers crossed :0)

  3. Woods1977 says:

    Left two framed pieces this morning… one in a chair in starbucks on dame street and the other on in the window of insomnia on nassau street about this morning… hopefully somebody has taken them and enjoys etc….
    A great idea but didnt see any art lying around myself…

    Fingers crossed my work brings a smile to somebodys face today…. 🙂

  4. Adam O'Reilly says:

    Found me a killer paintin’ this morning, gonna try and get me some more paint action later, peace out!

  5. Me too – I was in town from 9:30 to 1pm and I didn’t see anything (I so hoped to get something… o well). I strolled through temple bar, dame street, grafton street, south king street, nassau street, o’connell street and abbey street…nothing – nowhere. People are very quick to pick art up I guess!
    I left my work @ a bench on Stephen’s Green central garden!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get an email from the finder…
    ps. Positivenote I wish you good luck and hopefully you’ll find something! 🙂

  6. Daniela says:

    Me too.. spent my lunch hour wandering through the streets and alleys of Dublin city centre and nothing.. can we have clues??

  7. positivenote says:

    well guys great idea, but alas i arrived home after my second saunt into town, from clonee mind, shall we say ‘art-less’. I got in for about 12 and left after 2 and nothing to be seen… hopefully everyone who picked managed to find something gets back to the artists and thanks them..

  8. claire says:

    i got a lovely email from the person who aquired art that i submitted! great feeling, would have loved to get a piece myself but location wouldn’t allow! looking forward to the next episode! thanks for organising it!!

  9. Alan says:

    I was in town at half 7 and searched all over the place till I started work at half nine. Then spent both my breaks looking but couldn’t find a thing. Although it was kind of fun – felt like a treasure hunt. At one stage I thought I found something but it was just a piece of wood lol. I was so excited about it, too!

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the pictures and hopefully getting an email. Well done Will! Great job!!

  10. dollface says:

    congrats to all who gave and recieved, enjoy !

  11. Anna Dunne says:

    i heard about the event last night on the news.i have been painting for the last 2 years so I took off to the city and left a piece of my art in the park in Merrion Square.i got a lovely rext from the finder about 30 mins later. I am delight that i made someone happy.

  12. Orla says:

    Is there going to be another free art day on,a nationwide one? I didn’t get around to submitting this time but have lots of paintings lookin for a good home!well done,it looked great on the news!

  13. dogtired says:

    Well done it was buzzin
    I bumped into some people putting out a piece I was putting out my last of three so we exchanged, lucky or what. 🙂 Thanks Will looking forward to the Big One…

  14. Suzanne says:

    Hi. Seems everyone was mad for free art yesterday. Any photos (by IT pros or not) of any pieces in situ before they were grabbed?!

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