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Submissions closed: However!

We’re having a little nap for a few months and we’ll be back with a 32 county Free Art Friday in the late summer. Till then remember art isn’t just for Fridays. You can paint, draw or sketch anytime and leave your work on the street for any lucky passerby.

You may have questions, click here to see our FAO’s page


29 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Hi,
    I’d like to participate, where do I mail my piece?
    cheers, Judy

  2. Caragh says:

    I’d like to participate too, but am outside Dublin. Can i post something?

  3. Gavin O'Donoghue says:

    This looks really gd, ill definatly rustle up sometin

  4. gpod28 says:

    looks like a deadly idea

  5. Trisha McNally says:

    I’d like to participate but cant make it to Dublin before deadline, is there a postal address that I can send a piece to?

  6. Sean Hillen says:

    Hi I’d like to contribute a couple of prints.. But can’t afford to give away frames.. They’d be fine shrinkwrapped with a bit of card (that I could supply!) what do you think, do you have any such plans?


  7. nickyteegan says:

    hey! great idea! cant wait to get involved!!! 🙂

  8. Andy says:

    Thanks for the headsup. Excellent feedback at, there seems to be alot of interest.

  9. John Brady says:

    Fantastic event!!! Well done and would love to participate. Will the event have a blog etc or some form of online record? Cheers J

  10. Kathryn Crowley says:

    Brilliant idea, well done! Posted some work today to you.
    Any chance of doing one in future with a theme that all artists respond to?
    Like the situation in Israel-we have the power as arists to highlight issues, and make a difference. Maybe through art we could ask people to boycott imports from Israel-what do you all think?

  11. Maire Keogh says:

    brilliant idea, well done.I will definately participate.
    I was thinking along the same lines of using the recession as a theme. Art has the power to bring people together and in the bad times we need a G up and Eddy and away we go!
    This could be a real fun ongoing event.

  12. petra says:

    expect a little something in the post!
    gutted im not in dublin on the day….

  13. A great idea!! I will get stuck into it straight away and spread the word. Thanks for organizing such a great project. I was just wondering what to get stuck into next to beat off that feeling of not too much happening in January.. This has just made my day!

  14. gem dbc says:

    hey will,

    i love the idea so count me in.


  15. DeFaoite says:

    Brilliant idea we need more events like this! Will get working on something…

  16. Sounds brilliant, plan to have something in by Monday and if not will hang it up in town on Friday.

  17. aureliano says:

    i just knew about this event..
    i work with papermache , i make litthe candle holder…i’m still in time to bring it?i’ll finish at work tmorw at 6.30, is still open the center to bring my work?
    anywau ill be in the next flea market the 25th jan.

  18. Fiona Van Brabandt says:

    Hey, I think it is a brillliant idea ! I’ll leave something in Dublin on Friday anyway, anyway
    Where will the works hanging ?
    We do need more events like this in Dublin 🙂

  19. Jo says:

    I love this! What time does All City close tonight? And do I have to supply a frame? I’d like to submit and 8×10 photograph. Thanks! This is rad.

  20. a room for improvement says:

    great idea – i’m hearing about it at the last minute but i’ll have a piece out there somewhere

  21. Clare Brophy says:

    Only heard it on the news last night! GREAT idea- want to go into city just for the fun of it, and leave a piece of art somewhere… pity I didnt know earlier as I love the idea behind it, of being free and creating just for the amusement of everyone passing through the city today.
    I have just downloaded the label…. its 6.30 am and I couldn’t sleep!!
    Go Artists!

  22. Jo says:

    Great segment on the news! I couldn’t get my piece in to you in time, so I hung it on a fence around the corner. It was gone in under 20 minutes. Such a cool idea!

  23. Clare Brophy says:

    I did it!!!!!!!!
    I walked into town at about 10am with my pic in a blue plastic bag–and chose my favourite place in the city. I had to hover about till there was nobody around and then deposited it hastily- on ground as there was nowhere to hang it and had no camera to photograph it. I rushed away but was in there again sat am about same time–and it was gone–though to date, I have not had any email about it, but that is OK!!
    It felt like an act of abundance in these gloomy days…..
    Thanks for organising it.

  24. Noelene Beckett says:


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